La Valigia

“La Valigia” is a stage show written and composed by Giulia Lorenzoni, taken from her book “Una Valigia di perplessità” (2018, Love more Nation Production, ISBN: 9788827855683).

The show was recorded live with the audience at the Brancaccino theater in Rome. It is the first time in Italy that a “Concertbook” has been released on vinyl, meaning songs and recited parts, a sort of an “audio book” with all the emotion of a live theater with lots of applause, sighs and improvisations. Giulia Lorenzoni is a polyvalent artist: singer, pianist, composer, arranger, writer and actress who makes use of great musicians, in fact in the vinyl you can listen to her solid rhythm section composed by Edoardo Cicchinelli on bass and double bass and Gianluca Costa on drums, and the special intervention of Jacopo Mossesso on the cello and Andrea Macko on the violin. The music is a mixture of jazz and pop, with the use of mysterious harmonies and sounds. “La Valigia” is a totally autobiographical concept that crosses the psyche deeply, passing through childhood memories, great loves, disappointment and rebirth, with romantic, sad, dreamy and sometimes comic moments. “La Valigia” by Giulia Lorenzoni is a baggage full of authentic songs and emotions that each of us takes with, and in which we get lost and find ourselves.

"La Valigia" in the social

Giulia Lorenzoni and her production team have insisted on social commitment on several occasions by experiencing “La Valigia” not only as a theatrical show but also as a means of charity.
In Agrigento, first stop on the tour, for the reconstruction of the recently destroyed Villa Ambrosini cultural center.
On the occasion of the show at the Brancaccino Theater in Rome, part of the proceeds were donated to the “Burkina Kamba” association for the construction of a well in Burkina Faso.
Giulia Lorenzoni’s tour also embraced the cause of the Santissima Annunziata hospital in Taranto for the pediatric oncology department, since the toxic powders emanating from Ilva over the years have caused serious damage to the health of the inhabitants of the city.
During a charity concert in Lido Gandoli dedicated to the cause, organized by the Music for Love association, which was attended by Giulia Lorenzoni, Dirotta su Cuba and jazz pianist Antonio Faraò, € 34,500 of donations were collected.
The commitment of the young artist and her producer Giampiero Turco for this social initiative continues with the sale of the vinyl “La Valigia” and the book “Una Valigia di Perplessità”, of which the 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Hospital of Taranto.

“La Valigia” is produced by:
Love more Nation,
Giampiero Turco,
Associazione Barbara Annibali.

Listen to "La Valigia" Live

Una Valigia di Perplessità

the script of a theatrical and musical show in which original music and monologues alternate.