Giulia Lorenzoni - Singer, Writer and Composer

She is currently active in the european and american jazz scene. She boasts collaborations and concerts in Rome, Berlin, Bruxelles, Saint Louis and New York.

She worked in theatre as a singer and actress and, in 2018 she published her first book “Una valigia di perplessità” (Love more nation production), from which she drew a real show with monologues and songs written and arranged by her.

She has collaborated with Rai (Italian national television) as a singer, actress and composer.

In 2020 she published her second book “Mr Thelonious Monk”,a fictional autobiography in which the author puts herself in the shoes of the great American composer and tries to interpret her thoughts. For the writing of the book she worked with the jazz historian Adriano Mazzoletti thus giving the work a historical depth, also thanks to the consultation of unpublished sources.

In the same year she put on the show “The Monk”, inspired by her book, in a duo with the pianist Tobias Nicoletti, and made an european tour.
Between 2020 and 2021 she worked as a presenter and singer for the tv show You Jazz Live.

She released four albums and one RAI soundtrack.

She teaches singing and improvisation at her own studio in Rome.

She studied jazz singing at the Saint Louis College of music
Graduated in jazz singing at the Licinio Refice conservatory
Master’s degree at the DAMS of Roma Tre in Music Education and New Technologies with 110 and honors.